Meet Tina

Most Realtors are professionals. We all take the same courses; we all do our best to sell you current home or buy your your new home. The difference is in our standards, stamina, marketing techniques and personalities.

So ….. how do you choose the Realtor who is right for you?

Just like any other business you will choose a person that you like, a person that you believe will do the best job in marketing to sell your home, and one that will work the hardest to find your new home. You will choose a Realtor with whom you can talk, with whom you will feel comfortable, and one that you can trust to keep your best interests at heart.

Why should you choose me? Simple answer to that question is – I am a likable Realtor.

  • I am a people person
  • I am dedicated and I work hard
  • I constantly look for new unique marketing ideas
  • I design my own ads and select the best pictures
  • I bring fresh cut flowers if you run out of time
  • I make sure everything is taken care of and put the lights on before showings if needed
  • I interboard my Prestige home listings on 5 Boards
  • I market my Prestige home listings with virtual tours
  • I speak and understand several languages
  • I am able to interact with people from different countries with different backgrounds
  • I have been involved in the Kitchener – Waterloo community for over 30 years
  • I have been in Sales and Marketing for over 28 years
  • My slogan says it all – “ALWAYS THERE FOR YOU” – when you call me it will be me who take the call ……

What my clients like most about me? I DO AS I SAY I WILL DO. I keep my word.

A little more about me – I was borm on the Slovakian / Hungarian border and as a 19 year old I escaped the Communist regime with my one year old daughter. I was reunited with my husband, who escaped a few months before me, in Italy. We spent six months in an Italian Refugee camp. I will be forever grateful to all the Italian people that helped us. Canada became our new home arriving here in January 1980. Back home I was going to be a pediatrician, here in Canada, since I did not speak English, I had to settle for other jobs. I worked many different jobs and many of my employers remember me as a hard working and a very social fun loving person. I kept up my education and in 1983 I successfully completed my college degree. In 1990, my husband returned to our homeland and I stayed here with two children. Life took on a different course for me. I had to learn a lot of new things; from repairing leaky taps to being a financial planner. The following years were very challenging and they shaped my personality and made me who I an today while always remembering and living up to my Dad’s works – “Only hard work will get you ahead” and “Be honest and loyal, be kind to people and you will be successful and live a full rewarding life”.

Why did I choose to become a Realtor? For freedom to do what I do best – to help and work with people. Try me! You will not be disappointed.

In Hungarian: Tessek felhivni, szivessen segittek – nem fog csalodni! In Slovokian: Nebudete sklamany, pomozem Vam predat a najst najleksi dom v Kitchenery. In PolishL Nie mogete znalezc dobry dom? Prosze mnie zadsvonic.

About the Company

Did you know that Re/Max Twin City is the top selling office in the Region of Waterloo??? I am proud to be working the best Realtors in our region.


100% Club (2007-2014) Hall Of Fame (2013)

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